Niels Kok

“I am Niels Kok, a highly experienced cloud engineer with over 12 years of experience in Microsoft Cloud products. I have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem and a proven track record of success in delivering complex cloud solutions. I am an expert in scripting, with a strong background in PowerShell, Bicep, and YAML.

My expertise in these technologies allows me to write efficient, scalable, and easily maintainable scripts that automate cloud infrastructure deployments. I am a valuable asset to any organization looking to leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud to achieve their business goals.

As a freelancer, I am able to work on a flexible schedule and can be quickly and easily integrated into your team. I am also able to work on short-term or long-term projects, making me an ideal choice for organizations with varying workloads.

In conclusion, I am a highly skilled and experienced cloud engineer who can help organizations migrate to the cloud with ease and achieve their business goals through efficient automation.”


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Technical Consultant | MVP | MCT