Loek Duys

“I am a Cloud Architect & CTO at Xpirit CNSD and a Microsoft Azure MVP, helping companies modernize their IT all the way; Cloud strategy, SecDevOps practices, and Continuous Delivery. I spend most of my days helping teams by providing advice, hands-on assistance, solving problems and delivering technical training.
A couple of times per year, I like to speak at international conferences and to provide workshops.
By being a consultant, international speaker, trainer, active contributor to open-source projects, and forum participant, I love to share knowledge with the community.

Some of my recent public speaking & workshop engagements:
– NDC London
– Techorama NL
– DevSum Stockholm
– NDC Oslo
– VISUG XL Belgium
– MS Dev Summit Warsaw
– DevConf Krakow
– ESPC Prague
– Container Days Hamburg
– DevDays Europe Vilnius

Want to know more? Send me a message on Twitter: @LDuys”



Preventing Identity crisis in Azure

Cloud Architect & CTO @ Xpirit