What taking care of my pet python taught me about implementing Data Lakes on Azure

"Have you ever looked at a snake and thought… this one needs a Data Lake? Me neither! That is, not until I got my pet Python. It was when I got him, I realized that taking care of reptiles requires special care, using very specific equipment. However, as we all know, technology is prone to failures. This got me thinking… how am I going to give my pet python the best care, day in day out, even when technology fails? As a Data Engineer, the answer was easy. My snake needs a Data Lake! … wait what? You implemented a Data Lake for your pet python? Yes! Why? How? We will speak about it during this session. First, we will talk about what Data Lakes are, why they exist, and how I intended to use Data Lake architecture on Azure. Next, we will talk about the technology used, and the lessons learned. All in all, it will be a talk about my favourite topics: - Snakes - Data Lakes - Azure: o IoT Hubs o Azure Data Lake Storage My pet python’s name is fluffy, by the way. Just in case you were curious." Time: 11:30 - 11:50