Our journey to a modern Windows workplace

What is a modern workplace and what steps have we taken to get there? In this session, I will take you on the journey of NN Group to a modern workplace. Like many Enterprise companies, NN Group`s existing workspace was a traditionally managed Windows workplace (AD joined with Configuration Manager). Our new modern workplace is a cloud-managed workplace (Azure AD joined and Intune-managed). But, how do we get to a modern workplace? Are we working step by step towards a cloud-managed workplace or are we taking one big step towards that end goal? During the session we will discuss, among other things, activating co-management and moving workloads from CM to Intune. What are these benefits for us as IT and what is the user impact of this? The impact of covid, working from home, and how this affected our choices to work towards the new workplace are discussed. But also how we ensure a safe workplace that meets the well-known security baselines. Do we use the Intune baselines for this, or not? And what is our reason for this choice? How do we approach the application migration? How do we prepare our end users and business units for this potentially far-reaching change? And how do we keep the user impact as low as possible? This and many more related topics will be covered in this session. Are you working on the migration to a modern workplace yourself? Don't miss this session! Time: 13:00 - 13:50