A deep DaaS Analysis in Azure, AWS, and GCP: Understanding Performance, Price, and User Experience

"Looking to enhance your virtual desktop experience? Look no further! Windows Desktops as a Service (DaaS) hosted on the public cloud infrastructure provided by the three major hyperscalers has become increasingly popular, offering a range of benefits including scalability and flexibility. Selecting the right VM types in Azure, AWS, and GCP, either with or without a GPU, can be challenging –your choice does have a huge impact on performance and perceived user experience! Join Benny Tritsch and Ruben Spruijt, two EUC geeks, as they explore the various options for utilizing DaaS and examine the application performance and best price/performance ratio across Azure, AWS and GCP. Discover unique and unpublished results using a modern DaaS solution and native browser apps running virtual desktops and applications in LAN and WAN environments. Gain valuable insights at ExpertsLive on how to choose the right solution." Time: 14:00 - 14:50